Debugging in Ampps and Netbeans

Please read great article about installation and configuration debugging for PHP in Ampps server. I just want to add some additional tips before you start downloading and installing files… Determine you visual C runtime, architecture and thread safety Open Ampps local control center and check PHP Info page. Files are named with combination of used compiler (MSVC11 = VC11, MSVC9 = VC9), architecture (x86 = 32bit, x64 = 64bit) and thread safety settings (TS = enabled).

Symfony installer, creating new project

Symfony installer Symfony is one of the best php frameworks for web development. To start working with symfony we first need to download symfony installer: c:\> php -r “readfile(‘http://symfony.com/installer');" > symfony After downloading symfony file, you can copy it to your new projects folder. Then you use it with php interpreter as a command: C:\> php symfony If you wish to simplify usage of symfony command, just create dos batch command file (symfony.

PHP development environment on windows

If you are running Windows 7, you will need to install a few things before you can start with development in php. Web server For start, we need some sort of web server to serve PHP web pages. I select Softaculous Ampps server, because it is simple to install and has tons of open source applications prepared for installation. Here is more information about how to install Ampps on windows.