Ada and GTK on windows

Ada and GTK+ on windows - hello world sample Create new project with project wizard. After initial project creation add project dependency to GtkAda.gpr from “gtk ada” installation folder: \GtkAda\lib\gnat\gtkada.gpr. Or you can simply open project file (file with ‘gpr’ extension) and add “with” statement : with “gtkada”; project Gtk2Sample is type Build_Kind is (“static”, “relocatable”); LIBRARY_TYPE : Build_Kind := external (“LIBRARY_TYPE”); case LIBRARY_TYPE is when "static" => for Main use ("main.

Ada database - first steps

Connect to database Using Ada for application development require access to database. With GNATColl library is possible to work with PostgreSQL and Sqlite (embedded database). Checking if everything is in place for database development If you successfully install AdaCore and compile GNATColl library, you can start writing and checking if everything works as expected. Create new project, project file must contain gnatcoll reference: My dbsample1.gpr file contains: with “gnatcoll”; with “gnatcoll_postgres”;

Worklog Part 2: Creating navigation with bootstrap

Creating navigation with bootstrap We were start from already prepared bootstrap theme sample and we will try to take as much as possible out of it. Navigation Navigation bar will be at the top of each application page and should be always visible. All shared elements which are on all pages, are going to the base layout, this is base.html.twig in our application. If you need some specific information about bootstrap you can probably found it on this site.

Worklog Part 1: Building web application with Bootstrap

Integrating Start Bootstrap template {% comment %} We will implement bootstrap based web application theme in Silex application. The best way to start out is with already available theme. To install it into our application just execute bower install command in application web folder: H:\Ampps\www\worklog\web>bower install startbootstrap-sb-admin-2 After installation of all required components (including jquery, bootstrap and a few others) we will need some help how to use them. You can download sample implementation and start learn directly from included sample application.

How to add data migration support to Silex

Add Doctrine data migrations to Silex application There are quite a few blog articles about using doctrine migrations in different project types and this article was closest to what we need in Silex project. Install doctrine migration module We add a few required components to composer.json and execute update command.  “doctrine/dbal”: “~2.2”, “symfony/console”: “^2.7”, “doctrine/migrations”: “^1.1” We need to have symfony/console module already installed and prepared for extending with new commands, as I wrote in this article.