MatBlazor components installation

AspNet Core - Server side Blazor framework


If you need open source components for Blazor you definitively need to look at MatBlazor component library.


  • MatBlazor nuget library
  • EmbeddedBlazorContent nuget library (for server side blazor projects)


Configure method

// Embedded blazor content get static content from depended DLLs app.UseEmbeddedBlazorContent(typeof(MatBlazor.BaseMatComponent).Assembly);


Add additional “using” statement for MatBlazor

@using MatBlazor


@addTagHelper *, MatBlazor @using EmbeddedBlazorContent

Application bar sample

In the NavMenu.razor file add:

After compile your application should look something like :


Blazor components are encoded without namespaces, it means @addTagHelper and @using statements are in place and working.