Visual Studio Code - customization

How to customize your visual studio code

Custom settings are saved in “settings.json” file, you can open it with Ctrol+Shift+P,  search for Preference: Open user settings .

Custom terminal shell - BASH

If you wish to change shell from default windows powershell to cygwin bash terminal for example, use next setting:

“”: “C:\\cygwin64\\bin\\bash.exe”

Of course you will need to set proper folder where your cygwin is installed on your machine.

Change size of fonts and window appearance

"editor.fontSize": 14,
"window.zoomLevel": 2,
GIT integration enable/disable

If you do not won’t GIT integration (doesn’t work good with cygwin git version on windows for example) use :

“git.enabled”: false,

But, you will need to type git commands manually if you do that.

Angular v4 Typescript Snippets

The Visual Studio Code plugin for code snippets from JohnPapa.

Ctrl+P => ext install Angular2

Angular Language Service

The Visual Studio Code plugin for Html editor intellisense from Angular team.

Ctrl+P => ext install ng-template

 GIT History

Plugin for GIT file compare and history/log checking.

Install :

Ctrl+P => ext install githistory


Ctrl+Shift+P => search for “Git History”